State of The Union Speech and Health Care Reform

Tonight will be a significant evening in the path to Health Care Reform. What will President Obama do? Will he focus on jobs? Will he talk new stimulus? Will he prep us for his Budget Speech on February 1st? What will he say about Health Care Reform. I’ve got to be frank with everyone and tell them that I’ve met nearly no one that is against Health Care Reform. I’ve also met no one that is for Health Care Reform as recently passed. They do not think now or even later are good times to raise taxes and to raise them so significantly. And not only are they upset that taxes will be raised, they are upset that both Health Care and Health Insurance costs will go up across the board. You know that Congress is talking about adding a 1.6% tax to insurance companies which means insurance companies will raise premiums by 2.13% to compensate for this (they need to maintain their normal profit margins which is why the final number higher). Plus, part of the bills want to tax many health care services by another 1.6%. Believe me you, that addtional 1.6% will be passed onto the insurance companies who will pass it on to you and me in the form of higher premiums. Folks, Health Care Reform is absolutely critical for our great country, but increasing the cost of Health Insurance is not the answer. Remember, Health Insurance in the USA is expensive because Health Care in the USA is expensive, not the other way around. Thanks for listening!~


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