Start Over On Health Care Reform?

TV and radio shows are now reporting that the majority of Americans want Congress to put the current versions of Health Care Reform on hold, put the pedal down on creating jobs and restarting the economy, and then revisiting Health Care Reform with a more wholistic approach.

It seems that most people I speak with are most concerned with taxes and cost first, coverage and access second.  Almost everyone in America wants the second pieces but many are coming to realize that the currently passed Health Care Reform is really Health Insurance Reform.  It’s easy to get mad at insurance companies and even to take pot shots at them, but the reality is that premiums increase exactly as quickly or as slowly as does health care.  With the current Senate and House versions of Health Care Reform bills make insurance companies pay more (which is the right thing to do), but does nothing to reduce cost or slow the rate of cost increases, so many people are saying, “Whoa big fella, let’s take a breather and see what we’re really doing here”.

There’s a lot of talk of achieving cost savings by reducing what’s paid for people on Medicare, but again, most everyone we talk to think Medicare costs are high enough?

But that’s us, our clients, friends, and neighbors.  What are your’s saying?


One response to “Start Over On Health Care Reform?

  1. Brendan Wales

    Great Posting Chase, I completely agree. One must clearly distinguish the line between Health Care Reform and Health Insurance Reform. It should be interesting to see in the next couple of months.

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