Carey Benefits Earns Green Certification

Chase Carey is a cut above more insurance agents in many ways. He is pro-active, a community leader, and an absolute professional. Chase is the owner.operator of Caery Benefits, and he recently worked with Damon Sgrignoli to earn a Green business certification from the Green Business League.
Chase Carey has taken steps to be a quality business as well as a Green business. It started with changing the old ways of pesticides, cleaning products, and recycling the trash. The office has switched to energy efficient lights, placed timers on certain appliances, and added insulation to cut energy costs.
Water use is being cut, paper use is transferred to paperless systems, and ink and toner purchase are from recycled ink services.
CAREY Benefit Associates believes that Benefits and Insurance are important factors in Employees choosing which Employer and in Individuals protecting their families’ health and income. Because of that, we offer a broad variety of Benefits and Insurance from the top carriers. Why the top carriers? Because they have the depth to stay the course, which you and your family deserves.
This company also believes in the betterment of the community. Going Green is only a token effort for many businesses, but all members of the Green Business League undergo a thorough audit every year to continually improve their Green practices and reduce their carbon footprint.
The Green Business League is pleased to grant the Chase Carey Benefits office the silver level Green Business Certification.
Please check out this link:

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