Breakthrough Visualization Allergy Treatment for People in Portland, Seattle and Others in the PNW

From, June 10, 2010

Get effective treatment for allergy symptoms–and enjoy nature more often, and breathe easier

Kelly Gerling

Allergies are no fun at all, but there is good news about a new form of treatment—one that uses visualization, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Cities such as Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, and Tacoma, Washington, like many U.S. metropolitan areas, have many individuals suffering from the symptoms of allergies to various substances. These substances, called “allergens,” include pollen, dust, mold, cat dander, insect stings, perfumes, peanuts and any number of other foods, and more.

Powerful advances in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) now provide those with allergies a guided-imagery solution to the problem of allergy symptoms—based on a process so effective it often results in long-term elimination of the symptoms of the allergy.

To understand how this is possible, it is important to understand the nature of allergies, their cause, and how and why allergy symptoms can be reduced or eliminated with a precise technique of imagery using hypnotherapy and NLP.

What is an allergy exactly?

An allergy is a strong immune system response to a small quantity of a relatively harmless substance. Such relatively harmless substances include dust, mold, pollen, cat dander, various foods, insect stings, and more. They are called “allergens.”

This immune system response includes symptoms such as swelling, redness; difficulties in breathing; itching; hives; irritation in the skin, mucus membranes in the eyes, nose and mouth; and more.

At a cellular level, the allergic reaction to an allergen involves immune-system responses such as the release of histamines, an influx of immune system cells such as T-cells, and other attempted cellular, immune system reactions, normally associated with fighting bacterial, viral or fungal infections.

More and more people in Portland, Seattle, Tacoma and elsewhere in the pacific northwest are asking this sort of question: “What kind of counselor, therapist, hypnotist, hypnotherapist, psychologist, psychotherapist or other personal change agent has a powerful, effective process for reducing or eliminating my allergy symptoms?”

One answer to this question is this: mental health providers with advanced training in hypnotherapy and NLP.

Such providers use a blend techniques of hypnotherapy and NLP based on precise imagery, and the theory that allergies are like phobias of the immune system—a mistaken over-reaction. This over-reaction to harmless substances happened because they were merely present while the immune system was fighting a real viral, fungal or bacterial infection such as a cold, flu, yeast infection, or a case of strep throat. For example, a person fighting off a flu infection might, at the same time, work in the garden on a dry, dusty day, and breathe in dust—just as the immune system is developing antibodies to flu viruses. If the immune system confuses dust with viruses, erring on the side of caution, it can develop antibodies to that particular dust.

Given this sort of ultimate cause of an allergic response, how can guided visual imagery reduce or eliminate the symptoms of an allergy? The answer is an interesting one.

It turns out that the system of visualization and the immune system are two closely connected systems in the body.

Here is what Dr. William Mundy M.D., says about this connection in a session I did with him:

“We’ve been interested . . . in mind/body relationships. And there’s a whole new field of psycho-neuro immunology that’s come around in perhaps the last two decades, and more especially during the ’80’s. And national and international organizations are now studying the relationships and finding out, as you read in the literature, some fascinating things. . . . Some of us here, have been fully aware that the relationship between mind and body is so close that remarkable results are obtained on actually altering not only the function of the body but sometimes even the change in anatomical parts.” (Quote from the case study referenced below.)

Re-coding the immune system’s labeling of harmless microscopic substances as both not self and dangerous and infectious, can be accomplished through sophisticated and precise forms of visual imagery.

While this set of visual imagery processes have been tested and used now for over 20 years, their effectiveness not yet become well-known.

How can effective processes become more well-known and therefore more available?

It is fortunate that some mental health providers have advanced training in hypnotherapy and NLP. That enables them to combine key techniques into a tailored treatment process to reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of allergic reactions.

This is a process which can best be understood by studying an actual case.

My own training as a personal change agent includes hypnotherapy and NLP. I’ve been doing these sorts of interventions for over 20 years. I recently published a case study that illustrates the process. It includes an audio recording of a single session, along with a transcript. The case also includes a follow up telephone interview with the client. The case was conducted with the involvement of a co-counselor, a medical doctor named William Mundy, M.D.

You can access that detailed case study here if you would like to learn more, or just go to my general site, or to my page that describes my processes for reducing or eliminating allergies, here.

Other articles I’ve written that relate to this article for include one on treating PTSD with visual imagery, hypnosis and NLP. You can access that article here.

I also published an article about apologizing here.

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I took a workshop in the late 1009s with Dr. Mundy in rural Kansas and he took us through his guided imagery.  I came upon this today as I was speaking with a client about his health insurance policy.  He had a medical doctor or two suggesting surgery to help him with chronic sinusitis, correction, with continual sinusitis.  I hate to see people suffer and I hate to see them have surgery until they’ve tried less expensive and less invasive procedures.  But tell us what you think!  What have your experiences been with Guided Imagery?

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