Catholic Organization’s Leadership is Seriously Flawed

Politically I am an Independent.  At any moment I see good solutions from either of the two major camps and more often than not from the not- so-major camps.  But every day of the week, every week of the month, and every month of every year, I consider myself 100% American.

For those that know me, I was not terribly pleased with the form of Health Care Reform that was passed a few years ago, but I do appreciate how inadequate the system is for a good number of Americans.  And a good point from HCR is that I view the requirement that benefit plans cover oral contraception to be reasonable and sensible.

I am not sure it makes sense to have businesses and organizations be in the business of providing health benefits to people in the US, but they are.  Given that, the powerful and loud people in the Catholic Church “leadership” this past week have done a disservice to their members and to us other citizens.  The organization should shut up and treat their employees as well as the businesses and organizations next door are treating theirs.  Consider that the number one problem on our planet, which outweighs all other concerns in total, (by 50X from one estimate I know about) is overpopulation.  This tiny requirement of HCR may do little to change any of that, but it will help avoid needless and unwanted births to women and men who have little interest or capacity to raise a child.

There is nothing in this tiny requirement of HCR that compels employees or their dependents of Catholic owned organizations to use oral contraceptives so the leadership of Catholic organizations operating in the US should have not the least of concerns with the oral contraceptive provision.  I understand the Catholic Church, and its leadership, is a foreign entity to the US and is not an American institution and accordingly their preferences and beliefs will not necessarily align with those of us who consider ourselves American.  We welcome them with open arms but I would sure appreciate their respect of what we have built here in America.  We have become a great nation of different people and different cultures by working hard, keeping our noses to the grindstone, and by constantly moving forward, not allowing minor biases and differences to knock us off track.

The Catholic organizations of the world have long been known for the significant good they provide to nations, communities, and families that face true suffering across the world as well as here in America, in large part due to significant contributions and work of its members.  I see no reason why the leadership of any church or religious organization should have any argument with America, particularly during one of our most trying times in our last 50 years.

I would love to know how other Americans feel.

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