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Grandfathering – Don’t Let it Confuse You To Death!

Health Care Reform over the next two years will be taking “baby steps”, at least for now. The major changes are scheduled for 2013 and 2014.

One of the provisions/option points was on September 23, 2010. There is an option to Grandfather or not to Grandfather your plans. The short story is, don’t worry about it and there is nothing you need to do. The insurance companies will be making this decision for you and the decision will be to not Grandfather. And that is a good thing.

What is Grandfathering?

1. First off, it only applies to very large groups for the most part (those that can customize their plans and provisions), which usually means groups with 500 or more employees.

2. For groups choosing Grandfathering, it allows them to bypass a few relatively minor adjustments to their plans for about a year or two. If a group has a choice and chooses Grandfathering they will delay when certain improvements to their medical benefits are made. These are improvements you and your employees both want (better payment for preventive services and removal of dollar caps for many benefit classes, now grouped together as “Essential Benefits”). These improvements might add about 1%, +/- to your premium.

3. For groups choosing Grandfathering, they will be subject to increased reporting and documentation requirements, and if your business is like most businesses these days, you and your employees have enough to do already.

Tell Us What You Think
Tell us what you think. Is your company trying to get Grand Fathered status or are they moving on and making the change?

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Let’s Talk Health Care Reform – What It Will and Will Not Do – Do Not Wait

Many, many business owners and individuals are putting off making smart changes to their insurance plans in anticipation of Health Care Reform.  I’ve even had people tell me point blank that as of January 1, 2010 (11 days ago), all exclusions for Pre-Existing Conditions Were Done Away With.  Hardly.  It just doesn’t happen that fast.

In fact, when I visited DC this summer and lobbied Senators and Congressmen for Health Care Reform (fix access, lower cost, leave everything else alone) they told me that Health Care Reform would be parceled out in two separate and distinct parts:

Part II, the changes to access for those with Pre-Exisiting Conditions, etc. would start in 2013 or 2014.

Part I, income tax rate increases and new taxes on medical and other items, would start right away.

Gee, this kind of seems backwards but the reason is, they explained to me, is that the price tag for Health Care Reform is well understated and the tax hikes won’t be enough.  But if during the first 10 years of Health Care Reform they tax us for the first 10 years (2010 thru 2019) but only make changes (e.g. improvements) for 5 or 6 years (e.g., 2013 thru 2019), it will make it appear, after these 10 years, that there were enough taxes. This means for most of us, we will not be getting much information about the imbalance of cost vs. increased taxes for what, 15 years?  We’ll be on Mars by then and probably well on our way to Jupiter and we will not really be all that sure what happened in the Fall of 2009.  A bad year all around.

Is there a concrete point to all this.  Yup, you bet.  And that is, the Best Health Care Reform, the Best Insurance Reform, the Best Financial Reform, is a GREAT Insurance Broker.  Don’t wait for the government to save you money or for some other miracle to happen.  Pick up your phone, and call a good Broker.  Ask he or she how to be smart with your insurance money!

Thanks for listening!~